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My team mate and Jr Dirt Rider leader Jamie Dexter posted yesterday about his jr team…

“I am so proud of our CMCC Junior Dirt Riders. They all competed and some for the first time in a Mtn Bike Race Today. Just a couple of months ago when we started our weekly rides many of them would not have ridden 50 yards of today’s course. I’m happy and proud to say they all completed the 5.9 mile course which is just Awesome!!! And one of them placed 2nd in his class (Aiden) Thank You Dave Richard ( CMCC p/b Mathieu’s Cycle) for ALL OF YOUR HELP & SUPPORT. Plus a special THANK YOU to all the parents as well.” “My heart swells with PRIDE Today”

I can’t think of better words! Jaimie was racing so he asked if I would ride behind the Jr Dirt Riders. Some of the parents also rode with us and it was a great experience! I rode with Sam and his mom. We raced, we laughed, we made some obstacles and walked some too. At the end of the day, our group of six racers all completed the course. We were very proud of their efforts. Every Thursday this group has worked on their skills, they have built friendships, encouraged one another, and last Sunday each one of them accomplished an individual goal, collectively they finished something together as a team! I can’t wait to race with them again!

The Jr Dirt Riders meet every Thursday at Quarry Road Recreation Area in Waterville from 6pm to 7pm. It is free and all are welcome to join.