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Long delayed shout-out to Mathieu’s in Oakland for all the great race support during the cyclocross season. After doing a lot of slipping in the rain and mud at Minuteman CX in Lancaster, MA, the shop helped to convert my wheels to tubeless. What a difference!  Quad CX in Maynard, MA. I entered the 40+ Cat 4/5 race in 33rd position, finished in 25th. The day was very hot with a dry course. Either file tread or medium tread was the choice for the day. All the off-camber spots had tricky turns, so mountain biking skills really paid off. The fast sections were mostly on gravel–always had to take care not to have the front wheel wash out in turns. Overall, great race, very fast course. Thanks for all the support in the Casco Bay CX in Portland as well.