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Beautiful Central Maine Bike Ride

A Beautiful Central Maine Bike Ride Route



One of the challenges of riding a bike in Maine is to find good routes to ride that other cyclists have previously enjoyed. There are endless great ride options available but it is difficult to sit down with a map and find a route that is “Cyclist Friendly”. You don’t know if the roadway is falling apart or if it is so narrow it isn’t safe or comfortable to ride. Unless you have a topographical map you have no idea what kind of terrain you will encounter. And no map can tell you what kind of traffic to expect on your ride.

We would like to compile a list of  “user generated” ride resources for great bike rides in Central Maine so this is the beginning.

I recently “Stumbled Upon” such a resource, and I do mean “StumbleUpon” literally. Check out Stumbleupon.com some time. It’s a cool site where you can find categorized web content that millions of users have “voted on”. So for instance you can “stumble” cycling and be shown sites that cycling enthusiasts have voted for to say they are worthy of a visit.

So the first site discovered is the pedaling.com ride finder. You can drill down your search by country, state, and region to fine tune your results. If you use the “advanced search” options you can also select ride distance, hills, and traffic.

My search for “Central Maine” generated a list of 20+ rides.

If you know of a great ride resource please comment below and let us know so we can share it!

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