Bike Accessories

Bike helmet.

Safety should be your first concern, and the best way to stay safe on a bike is with a helmet. Only a helmet designed for biking and that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission standards will properly protect you.

Bike-specific clothing.

Cycling clothing wicks moisture away from your body, keeps you cool and protects you from chafing and saddle sores. Bike shorts are cut to fit properly when seated in a cycling position and are designed with padding for comfort and no seams where you don’t want seams.

In addition to your main clothing, don’t forget functional accessories like sunglasses, gloves and shoes. If you want to use a clipless system to connect your shoes to the pedals, be sure that the bike is equipped with clipless pedals and match the shoes to the pedals.

Tool kit.

You’ll want to take certain tools on the road such as a tire repair kit, portable bicycle pump, chain tool, spoke wrench and allen wrenches. Keep yourself prepared for emergency repairs by having the proper bike parts and accessories on hand.


You’ll need a place to store your tools and other items that you take on the road, so be sure that you have a pack of some form. Closely fit the pack to your bike to make sure that it is compatible with the frame design.

Water bottle cage or hydration pack.

Hydration packs store more water and are a good option for long rides, but some prefer not to carry anything on their body. Check the bike for cage mounts and purchase several if the bike will accommodate them. It’s better to have extra water than not enough.


Consider whether you need a bicycle computer, bike GPS or lighting system. If you intend to ride at night, be sure that your bike is properly visible.