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We Now Offer Snowshoes for the Entire Family

We Now Offer Snowshoes for the Entire Family

We’re excited to announce we have added snowshoes to our line up of products we stock in our stores. We have snowshoes for the entire family starting with kids shoes from MSR. For adult snowshoes we offer models from MSR, Crescent Moon, and Garneau.

The MSR model we are stocking is the EVO. These snowshoes offer modular flotation tails allowing for a smaller more maneuverable shoe for packed conditions and when conditions demand more flotation you can snap on the optional 6-inch tails.

The Crescent Moon Eva Foam snowshoe is the first and only snowshoe that doesn’t rely on the awkward pivoting-hinge mechanism to function, but instead uses a rocker shaped platform to promote a seamless heel-to-toe motion for walking, just like a normal hiking or running shoe. Recommended for first timers, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, runners, and people who love to get out in the snow.

Our models from Garneau are the Massif & Blizzard. Both offer the convenience of a BOA binding system which is easy on and off and mitten friendly. The Blizzard offers a more aggressive crampon and a heel raiser which reduces calf fatigue while climbing.

Poles are an important accessory in most conditions when snowshoeing so we have a few pole options as well from MSR and Black Diamond.

33 Maine Loop Bike Tours

33 Maine Loop Bike Tours

The Maine Office of Tourism has published a handy book of  33 “bike friendly” routes that cover the entire State.

With its beautiful scenery, bike-friendly roads and shared-use paths, Maine is a great place to cycle. In the mountains, along the coast, through the woods and over the beautiful byways in between, cyclists of all ages and skill levels find that cycling in Maine is a great experience.

MaineDOT has published all of the Maine bike tours in a handy book. The book includes:

MaineDOT Bike Book

  • 33 Loop Bicycle Tours
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions with Tear-Out Pages
  • Multiuse Trails
  • East Coast Greenway & Downeast Sunrise Trail
  • Mountain Biking Rides
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Trails
  • Safety Tips
  • Point of Interest
  • Historic Sites
  • and more!

The Bike Book is available at our Maine Visitor Centers across the state. Visit our Visitor Center page for locations and contact information.

Cool Video Article on Snow Biking In Central Maine

Cool Video Article on Snow Biking In Central Maine

Brian Alexander, Glenn Fenlason, and Jeff Clarke out riding their Snow Bikes in Central Maine. Cycling Outdoors and in the snow is alive and well.

Two of these guys are riding Pugsley Snow Bikes make by Surley. If you are interested in one for yourself, unfortunately, you will have to get in line. The company is sold out until sometime in March so you should be planning for late season snow riding or for next winter.

If you want to “get in line” come on in to our Oakland or Farmingdale stores and we will help you out.

Treadmills, Ellipticals, Upright and Recumbent Exercise Bikes.

Treadmills, Ellipticals, Upright and Recumbent Exercise Bikes.


Spirit XE195 Elliptical

Now that the sun is setting earlier and earlier all but the die hard riders who go out with their lights are severely limited as to when they can ride outside. With the shorter days comes cooler weather as well so what can you do to keep up your fitness for the long cold Maine Winter?

Set yourself up at home with a shiny new piece of Fitness Equipment or two from yours truly!

We have treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, WaterRowers, TRX, Exercise Balls, Yoga Mats ans more. Come on into either store and take a look. Heck, come in ready to try one out. We have models set-up and available for you to get on and see how they feel.

If you like it simple, no bells and whistles, we can do that! If you want all of the latest features and tons of different available options, we can do that too!

Why not come on in and get set-up for winter today?