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Central Maine Cycling Club

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Casey Beaudoin

2018 Racing Age: 41 (ew)

Residence: Fayette, Maine

Where I go Monday Morning: Mathieu’s Cycle and Fitness (usually Farmingdale)

Racing Discipline(s) & Category(s): Triathlon-all distance, MTB-whatever is going on

# of Years Racing: 5

# of Bikes Owned: Not quite enough. 5 that I’m willing to admit to: Specialized Ruby, Blue Triad, Felt 780, Trek Fuel EX 8, Specialized Hellga

Favorite Bike: Whichever bike I’m on.

Favorite Trail or Ride: Whichever trail or ride I’m on.

Non-Cycling Interests/Hobbies: Who has time or money for these? Family, swimming, running, camping, sewing, reading. I don’t know. Fun stuff.

Summary: I’m not fast, but I’m not usually last. Usually. I started running 5 years ago and that led to a triathlon which led me straight down the cycling rabbit hole. I love all types of bikes and riding and LOVE to see people excited about bikes and biking. The fitness, confidence and friends that I have gained through cycling have changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to have found it!

Alex Deditch

2018 Race Age: 16

Residence: Wales, ME

Where I go Monday Morning: Oak Hill High School Sophomore and Highway Tech summer job

Racing Discipline: Downhill Mountainbike Racer Cat 2/3 15-18 year olds

# years Racing: 2

# of Bikes Owned: 3 Fuji Reveal, Diamondback DB8, Commencal Supreme dh v3

Favorite Bike: Specialized Demo S-Works

Favorite Ride: Hellion at Highland

Non-Cycling Interests/ Hobbies:  skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, dirt biking, 4-wheeling, wakeboarding, skateboarding and fishing.

Summary: After riding downhill trails at Sunday River and Highlands, I wanted to try downhill racing. I researched techniques and tips online and watched you-tube videos before I started racing. Push your limits and never give up!

Central Maine Cycling Club Powered by Mathieu’s Cycle

2018 Race Team

Paul Denis

2018 Racing Age: 61

Residence: Fairfield, Me.

Where do I go Monday morning: Mathieu’s Cycle

Racing Category / Discipline: Road, Cyclocross, MTB Masters Cat 3

# of Years Racing: 24 years

# of bikes owned: 5

Favorite Bike: Specialized Tarmac

Favorite Trail / Ride: Sugarloaf Century with the team-mates

Non-Cycling Hobbies: weight training, chasing the dog,  proud grandpa

Summary: I LIKE CROSS!.

Jamie Dexter

2018 Racing Age: 46

Residence: Oakland, ME

Racing Discipline(s) & Category(s): Cat 3 Mountain Bike

# of Years Racing: 5

# of Bikes Owned: 3

Favorite Bike: Specialized Fuse Expert Carbon

Favorite Trail or Ride: Bond Brook or any Tandem ride with my beautiful wife

Non-Cycling Interests/Hobbies: Coaching Youth Athletics, weight training & spending time with my kids

Summary– I participated in Mountain Bike Racing way back in the early 90’s and fell in love with the sport. Spent some time away from the sport raising a family and a year ago started getting myself active again. To me there is nothing better than participating along side a group of Great Friends that are as passionate about cycling as YOU are.

Ron Dunn

2018 Racing Age: 58

Residence: Vassalboro, Me.

Where do I go Monday morning: Dunn Building

Racing Category / Discipline: Road, Cyclocross, MTB Masters Cat 3

# of Years Racing: 24 years

# of bikes owned: 3

Favorite Bike: Specialized Tarmac E-Tap

Favorite Trail / Ride: Anything with the amigos

Non-Cycling Hobbies: Hiking & skiing

Summary: Racing is great but surrounded by close friends racing is unbeatable

Dave Greeley

2018 season racing age: 51

Residence: Readfield, ME

Racing Category/Discipline: Cross Country Mountain Bike: Expert/ Cat2 USA


# of years racing: 25 years

Favorite Bike: The Next One!

Favorite Trail / Ride: Something with Flow! Like Riverwood at Kingdom Trails


Non-Cycling Interest: Hmmmm, non-cycling….not easy haha. Snowmobiling,

Boating, Camping.

Summary: I Started racing in the early days of Mountain Biking, (1993) after

taking a hiatus from racing, I got back into the scene 5 years ago. Racing today is such a great experience with great friends and modern equipment making it even more enjoyable. I hope to be able to continue riding and racing for many, many years to come. Cycling is life.

Jerry hart

2018 Race Age: 43

Residence: Waterville, ME

Where I go Monday Morning: Next construction site

Racing Discipline: Road, Mountain, Cyclocross

# years Racing: 8

# of Bikes Owned: 6 Cannonade Evo Supersix, Specialized Carve, Specialized Fat Boy, Ridley X-Fire, Specialized SS, Specialized Epic

Favorite Bike: Cannondale Supersix EVO

Favorite Ride: Anything that will challenge me

Non-Cycling Interests/ Hobbies: Ice hockey, crossfire, Obstacle course races, coaching, kayaking

Summary: I like to stay active and be as competitive as I can possibly be.

Sam Kinney

2018 Racing Age: 25

Residence: Spruce Head, Maine

Where I Go Monday Morning: Lobstering

Racing Discipline and Category: Downhill, Category 2

Number of Years Racing: 2

Number of Bikes Owned: Specialized Demo 8 and Scott Genius

Favorite Bike: Specialized Demo 8 and Rocky Mountain Maiden

Favorite Trails: Dreadknot (Camden, ME), Black Magic (Killington, VT), Maiden Voyage (Highland Bike Park) and Rockstar (Sunday River)

Non-cycling Interest/Hobbies: Snowboarding, Moto, Hiking and Scuba Diving

Summary: The moment I straddled a dual crown bike I was hooked. Coming from a motocross background my next step was to take my riding in between the tape! Every time Im healthy and on the bike is a blessing.

 Justin Lagassey

2018 Racing Age: 26

Moto: Have Fun, Get Rad, Safety Third.

Residence: Turner, Maine

Rad Riding Zone: Ricker Hill Trails, Mainiac Enduro Sector

Racing Philosophy: Enduro Bro

Laps Around the Sun on a Bike: 3 years, 4200 miles

Bikes Abused: 2013 Trek Superfly, 2016 Trek Remedy, 2015 Framed Alaskan, 2017 Pivot Firebird #fireturkey #gobbled

Best Thing Ever: Riding in Quebec at Sentiers Du Moulin with the Sauve Man, The North Shore Crew, and Team B**** Please I Ride a Unicorn. Epic Funduro on the best trails ever. Level: Absolutely Animal.

When I’m Not Turning the Pedals: Ski touring or transmuting apples into alcohol ie; Cidermaking

My Life in a Nut Shell: Grew up in Maine. Learned to love winter. Ski raced my way thru college to show up at USCSA National Championships 2014. Then I built Mainiac Cider at Ricker Hill from an idea on the breeze to a real apple squishing, yeast farming, barrel blending, can slinging, gold medal winning, Cider Mill. Then I crashed my car and bought a bike. Now I ride bikes and race them down mountains. Still learning how to pedal. Results to come, I’ll keep ya’ll posted on Facebook and Strava (Justin Lagassey) and we’re going to try Instagram @MaineMainiac this year as well. Keep your tips up!

Dave Richard

2018 Racing Age: 50

Residence: Vassalboro, Me.

Where do I go Monday morning: Mathieu’s Cycle

Racing Category / Discipline: Downhill & Mountain Cat 2

# of Years Racing: 6

# of bikes owned: 12 and growing*

Favorite Bike: Specialized Demo 8

Favorite Trail / Ride: Killington ESC DH course

Non-Cycling Hobbies: Hockey and kids keep me busy

Summary: I’ll try most anything. I’m surrounded by passionate and competitive

cyclist all the time which drives me to try new things.

Mark Schnepel

2018 Racing Age: 43

Residence: Groveland, MA.

Where do I go Monday morning: President at FlexEnergy

Racing Category / Discipline: CAT1 Downhill, Enduro, Dual Slalom, XC, and Fatbike racing during the winter

# of Years Racing: 4

# of bikes owned: 6. DH – 2017 Commencal Supreme DH V4.2 | Enduro – 2017 Specialized S-Works Enduro 650B plus | Dual Slalom – 2010 Scott Voltage | FR, Dirt Jump – 2011 Scott Voltage TMO | FatBike – 2016 Salsa Beargrease | Road – 2009 Raleigh Team Frameset

Favorite Bike: They’re all my favorites

Favorite Trail / Ride: DH – Sugarbush / Highland

Enduro – Diamond Hill / Mountain Creek, Dual Slalom – Thunder Mountain Dirt Jump – Sherwood Forest, XC/Fatbike – Willowdale State forest

Non-Cycling Hobbies: Family, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Travel, Fitness

Summary: I have been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years but only “tried” racing 3 years ago. I am completely hooked on racing now, entering any race that I have a bike for. Looking forward to my first season with CMCC.

Trafton Teague

2017 Racing Age: 35

Residence: Fairfield, Me.

Where do I go Monday morning: Teague Distributors Inc

Racing Category / Discipline: Road

# of Years Racing: 2

# of bikes owned: 2 (Specialized Tarmac and Mountain Bike) *My wife is a much better mountain biker than I am*

Favorite Bike: Specialized Tarmac

Favorite Trail / Ride: Any road ride with lots of hills

Non-Cycling Hobbies: Hiking, camping, cross country skiing, Anything Outside

Summary: I first got into cycling with a purchase of a hybrid bike 4 years ago. I soon realized that I had a passion for the road so I got a traditional road bike and

haven’t stopped pedaling since. Bikes are cool.

Ian Wilson

2018 Racing Age: 52

Residence: Winslow, ME

Racing Discipline(s) & Category(s): Road Racing Cat 4, Cyclocross Cat 4, Sport

Mountain Bike

# of Years Racing: 3

# of Bikes Owned: 5 (Specialized Tarmac road bike, Specialized Epic mountain

bike, Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike, Specialized Crux cyclocross bike &

Surly Pugsley fat bike

Favorite Bike: Tarmac

Favorite Trail or Ride: Pacific Coast Highway in Northern Cali

Non-Cycling Interests/Hobbies: Is there such a thing?

Summary: If I don’t suffer it wasn’t a good ride. Ride to live, live to ride.

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2017 Race Schedule

Congratulations to Paul Denis Maine State Champion and New England Regional Champion Men’s 60+ Cyclocross

Congratulations to Mark Schnepel with a 3rd place in the 40-49 Cat 1 category

Congratulations to Dave Richard with a 3rd place in the 40-49 Cat 2/3 category

Congratulations to Alex Deditch with a 4th place in the 15-18 Cat 2/3 category

Race & Event Reports

Ian Wilson racing New England cross season

Long delayed shout-out to Mathieu's in Oakland for all the great race support during the cyclocross season. After doing a lot of slipping in the rain and mud at Minuteman CX in Lancaster, MA, the shop helped to convert my wheels to tubeless. What a difference!  Quad...

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Mark Schnepel storms the podium at Mt. Snow

What a great way to end the amazing 2017 ESC downhill season. I am very happy with my 2nd place finish at Mt. Snow and 3rd overall in the 40-49 CAT 1 series this year. The weather was absolutely perfect and track was fast and fun. During Saturday practice, I got...

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John’s Journey at the Dempsey Challenge

 Just over a year ago my brother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Through Chemo and radiation and quite a few setbacks, John has battled any obstacle that has come his way. Early this summer, John bought a new bike and started riding to help improve his...

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