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What a great way to end the amazing 2017 ESC downhill season. I am very happy with my 2nd place finish at Mt. Snow and 3rd overall in the 40-49 CAT 1 series this year. The weather was absolutely perfect and track was fast and fun. During Saturday practice, I got comfortable on all but one section of the track. Thanks to Steve DeGrange for helping with the rock gap up top, I think that section made the difference in my race run. The CMCC team is growing and it is great to see some young and talented riders joining.

Thanks to Dave Richard and Mathieu’s Cycle and Fitness for supporting us. Special thanks to my family for supporting my cycling addiction. Congrats to Marcos Lira for taking the title this year, you earned it. I hope everyone has a great off season. I always miss these weekends over the winter. Coming back stronger next year and looking to finish a place or two higher!