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It’s that time of the year where the temps are starting to drop and the leaves begin to change. Windham, NY was the 8th stop on the Eastern States Cup DH Series. I’ve never been to Windham, and had high hopes to ride a course that had hosted a World Cup Downhill race. The course was fantastic. Thank god for it being dry. It has rocky sections mixed with fast descents, drops, and big jumps. I found myself not always taking the fastest lines so that I could ride off all of the drops and jumps. I had so much fun. After practice I got to free ride most of the rest of the mountain and even some of the World Cup XC stuff. That was cool and it gives you a new appreciation for what those riders do. I think anyone who likes downhill has watched Claudio ride World Cup courses and with that I thought letting him give you a guided tour was better than anything I could write. Click the link below, Set the you tube video to HD and enjoy. I’m looking forward to the last race of the series at Mt Snow on Oct 15.

View Here Claudio and Aron Gwin ride Windham Course preview