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Stop number 4 of the Eastern States Cup Downhill Series was at Plattekill Mountain in Roxbury, NY. I have to say I honestly didn’t want to go. The two main factors are driving time and courses that seem to be the most challenging on the circuit. I’m good with a challenge, but Plattekill has my number. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a clean run down either race course and it was in my head that this year would probably be no different. I’m glad I went! Both of my CMCC gravity team mates were there. Mark Schnepel who rides Cat 1 and Alex Deditch who is in Cat 2/3.

Plattekill had a brand new course still with it’s full compliment of rocks, roots, super steep and technical shaninagans! (That’s a shout out to my buddy Todd) Plattekill did have some course variations that had the Pro and Cat 1 racers doing more advanced sections than us in the 2/3 categories. I watched Mark struggle with a couple treacherous chutes that claimed many injuries. It was cool to watch him work through that both mentally and physically to finish on the podium in 4th! I met up with Alex in practice, in a section with a more than 90 degree turn into a nice rock drop. Neither one of us had done it, we were concerned about having any speed to get off the rock without going over the bars, but we talked and weighed the options. Within a few minutes we both dropped in and conquered that feature. As my day of practice came to an end, Alex got caught in a downpour just as he got on the lift to ascend to the top for another run. He got drenched! The rain lasted most of the afternoon and into the evening leaving many of the riders with doubts of what the course would be like. Race day was beautiful. Sunny and high 70’s with a breeze. The course was a little greasy but no worse than Saturday. My race run was a thing of beauty. OK maybe that’s an exaggeration but it was clean, it was as fast as I dared to go and I hit everything with confidence. It was FUN! After my race run I went back up and got some pictures of Mark and Alex and had a leisurely jaunt to the bottom. Looking forward to this weekend at Sugarbush in Warren, VT