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So here in Maine, like it or not, we can have long, cold and snowy winters. In the past it has been difficult to ride your bike year round in climates like ours. If you’re ok with being at the mercy of the weather, it’s possible get in some good riding during the winter in Maine. The problem is you really need to wait for ideal conditions which some years just don’t occur.

Enter the fat bike…otherwise known as a snow bike.
These bikes were designed to go where traditional “All Terrain” bikes run into difficulty. The traction and flotation provided by the large-volume, low-pressure tires give these bikes a major advantage when riding over the most difficult terrain…sand, mud, wet rocks and roots, ice and many kinds of snow.

Just as a side note…don’t let the title of snow bike influence your thinking. These bikes are great YEAR-ROUND! There is a growing population of “fat bike” enthusiasts in Central Maine who ride FAT all four seasons.

We have offered various different fat bikes for the past several years. With the growing popularity of fat bikes we have chosen to align ourselves with several of the leaders in the marketplace and we are stocking the Fatboy series by Specialized, the Farley series by Trek, and a price-point line called Framed. We are also a Surley dealer and can special order any of their models that are currently available.

A fat bike is a unique (FUN!) cycling experience and we have bikes available for test rides.

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