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Once again I got a late start on Saturday due to driving through the night and arriving in NY at 9am. My first run didn’t go well. After the 45’ road gap, there was a step down that I ended up casing. I landed so hard that I broke my seat and got a pretty good gash on my arm. Luckily, I was able to use the seat from my spare bike. The rest of my practice runs went well on Saturday. I tried some of the harder lines and there was a pretty difficult rock garden that I surprised myself by trying it and making it through. It was pretty exciting to be able to ride on one of the courses that was used in a World Cup race. My least favorite part of the course was a section called the graveyard. This section was steep with big rock drops. My favorite part of this course was the fast section at the bottom with the big jumps. My goal for this race was to not have any crashes on race day. I’m happy to say that I reached my goal and had a smooth run. I’m looking forward to the last race of the season on October 15th in Vermont. Thank you for your continued support.